5 Ways Consuming Late Night Fried Rice Disrupts Your Health

5 Ways Consuming Late Night Fried Rice Disrupts Your Health

Losergeek.org.CO, Jakarta – Dinner is an integral part of daily routine activity, and fried rice is one of the most common dinner menus to get. However, despite being delicious and uncomplicated, consuming fried rice for dinner could negatively impact our health. Quoted from various sources, below are five ways late-night fried rice jeopardizes one’s health:

1.  Digestive issues

Eating high-fat food such as fried rice could cause several digestive issues such as feeling bloated, heartburn, and slow digestion.

2. Weight gain

Digesting high-fat and high-caloric food is harder at night, causing the body to store the excess calories as body fat. Body fat could affect body weight, risking obesity and other related health problems.

3. Disordered sleeping

Fried rice, along with other high-fat food could disrupt the quality of your sleep. The body needs time to digest the food, which disturbs your sleep cycle. 

4. High-risk of heart diseases

Fried rice contains saturated fat which could increase the level of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), a risk factor for heart diseases.

5. Metabolic disorders

Eating heavily for dinner could affect metabolism since our body tends to burn calories slowly at night. 

Choosing a balanced meal for dinner would help to avoid health problems. In addition, having dinner 2-3 hours before going to sleep helps the body to digest the food entirely before entering a rest period.


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